FOOD SUMMIT CAMPANIA 2023. Umberto Torello: we need dialogue in the supply chain.

30 May, 2023

Problems, players, possible solutions and prospects for collaboration: on Thursday 25 May, in Naples, Palazzo Partanna hosted a process of collective reflection on the agri-food system which involved a number of supply chain stakeholders: Caffè Borbone, Pastificio Liguori, Molino Caputo, Torello, Fish King, Eat Pink, Media XL and the Technical partners NIQ, BVA Doxa, Unione Industriali di Napoli.

Food Summit Campania 2023. The Food Industry and Distribution Summit on Campania engaged in interesting dialogue with a great diversity of contributions. Umberto Torello very clearly outlined Torello’s profile and the composition of the Group companies that perform different and complementary activities, he illustrated the changes that have affected the logistics operator, acting as a sort of spokesperson for the entire Logistics and Distribution category, rightly placed among the sectors responsible for the growth of the supply chain.

The decisive role of the logistics operator

The pandemic, the maritime transport crisis followed by the war have redesigned some international transport routes, but above all have changed the (today decisive) role of the logistics operator. Umberto Torello stressed the need for investments in computerisation and process optimisation so as to make logistics independent of a company’s core business. ‘I propose,” he concluded – “the creation of a logistics site in Campania.”

The need to work as a system requires new shared projects between Industry and Distribution, but also tackling every aspect of the issue of sustainability. Growth in the supply chain can only be considered with the inclusion of reflections on sustainable development, given that the environment, together with economy and society, are integral to this notion.

This very diverse group of actors facilitated dialogue and discussion in a very friendly atmosphere, with excellent mediation by Francesca Zecca, Deputy Food Director, who expertly focused the points of view of all the participants.

We are sure that the event provided a meaningful contribution to the debate and to all the stakeholders involved (in their various capacities) in the food industry.