Fourkites Premier Carrier – Torello is one of the platform’s top couriers.

26 Nov, 2021

Fourkites Premier Carrier in the third quarter of 2021. “We are honored to be included in the Fourkites Premier Carrier List for the fourth quarter of 2021”, said Umberto Torello, Chief Operating Officer, “which is equivalent to being recognized as one of the most performing carriers in Europe.”

Fourkites, the world’s leading platform for real-time visibility into the supply chain, publishes a global list of Premier carriers every quarter that meet the highest operational excellence standards in all modes of transportation. This operational excellence translates directly into growth, as Premier carriers experience a 12% increase in cargo volume when compared to carriers who did not qualify for the list.

How do I become a Fourkites Premier Carrier?
Ensure safety, follow the rules, and communicate with customers to provide visibility information. As a result, you join the Fourkites Premier Carrier List (PCL), a network of the best performing carriers, brokers, and 3PL (Third-party logistics) that rely on the world’s most recognizable brands. Improving customer communication contributes to the development of a trusting relationship on the platform for tracking and monitoring goods, allowing for the maximum safety of operators, products, and customers.

We are a part of the Fourkites platform because it uses technology to make quick decisions while also working to achieve sustainability goals by reducing truck shipments by approximately 30%.

The public version of the Premier operator list – an interface that filters carriers based on capacities, modes of transportation, served geographical areas, and other criteria – is available here.