Go beyond the limits imposed. The work that represents Pasquale Soglia

22 Apr, 2022

Precise. Led to consider his work as an extension of his own character, Pasquale Soglia – Developer – born in 1986, is a computer engineer stationed in Montoro, the headquarters,  right where the decisions that will be taken throughout the group pass. The seriousness and safety of a professionally mature person who deals with the most  innovative profession that there is with a self-imposition: “go beyond the limits”. The interest  to offer his own personal contribution in the sector that represents him falls well into the  week of International Earth Day: sustainability in the technological field to find the most  suitable ways to make digital transformation compatible with the objectives set out in the UN  2030 Agenda.  

Minister Vittorio Colao said that digital innovation has a unique feature, that of being  potentially a great equalizer of differences. In other words, it allows us to close large gaps:  territorial, social and competences. And to choose the life we want to live. 

In short, pragmatism prevails but even in a methodical person like Pasquale some aspects  come out that you would not suspect… 

The relationship with Torello. When he was born and how he evolved.

After a series of heterogeneous experiences in 2018 I landed in Torello. When I arrived the  IT department was not very structured. I have already been given carte blanche and the  opportunity to put at the service of my colleagues my perception of work and its efficiency at  the operational level. 

Today I deal with different approaches of type computer science, from the analysis to the  software development, passing for the planning and management of the information flows  (traced EDI) let alone of all the operating necessities that demand integrations or new  developments, whatever the level or context of interest. 

The relationship with Torello helped me to bring home an extra serenity. Where I worked  before I had lost my enthusiasm and stimuli, this dissatisfaction inevitably had a relapse in  private life. So, I started to do several interviews but the offer itself or the company vision did  not coincide with the idea I had of my profession, I perceived the limits that would burden my  professional and personal growth. After almost three and a half years, having focused on a  company that I think is winning makes me feel good, allows me to dedicate myself to an  important project. Today I have the certainty that I made the right choice and this happens  when you have a personal and professional growth. Confirmations are a benefit I take in  private.  

Three adjectives for Torello 

Eterogenea. In the broadest sense. Both from the point of view of the nature of the business  that the company takes care of is at the level of approach with different figures that interact  always finding a common point. An approach that fascinates me and allows me to expand  my knowledge to be able to intervene in more contexts than my own sector.  

Innovativa. And I’d say evolutionary. My desire to go beyond the limits has been satisfied by  exchanges of skills and human relationships that have enriched me. The respect and the  confidential approach already during the interview I appreciated them immediately, they give  me an extra stimulus and make me live with serenity the changes. Being innovative and 

evolutionary with respect to the market is manifested in the desire to be part of something  bigger that is perhaps not only the core business of the company.  

Available. We don’t want a lab rat, we want a person who is looking for solutions with  us. With these words I was welcomed in the company and I realized that here the  problem of the individual becomes everyone’s. The possibility of having a voice in the  chapter, beyond the figure that I am the owner and age, allows me to express myself  better and to relate to others, including the owners, with ease. The estimate comes to  me, I feel it. Being appreciated is rewarding. In a context that gives you the right  stress to be able to work I found availability and understanding. I was appreciated  from the start and this strengthens my self-esteem

The role he held. Responsibility and personal vision. 

It’s a multiprospective view of everything. When I arrived at the office, a small number of  people corresponded to a large amount of projects. I understood what the problems might  be, what I could do to improve the work, the tools that I could make available to my  colleagues. Sometimes the difficulty of us developers is accompanied by that of making  perceive a series of aspects not previously put on the table at the time of the proposal. But  it’s not an obstacle. That’s how so many projects were born that made it possible for me to  live in the 360 º office. Having an overview is something that I can appreciate because this  company being heterogeneous makes me understand actually what I’m doing, where they  start and where certain things go. Basically what’s between the trip and the delivery.  I want to add that Torello had the excellent intuition of “putting themselves at home” the IT  department giving the opportunity to the resources to grow, to touch with hand what needs to  be achieved. From the inside we perceive differently the commitment and the nature of the  activities to do because there is a well-rounded vision and we must not underestimate that  time is a fundamental factor, especially in this area, because it comes first on the need or  problem. Internally, that need for confrontation that serves as a “validation” arises.  The IT department is at the center of any business, whatever the company. Everything is  interconnected and my task is to try to make the work to be done measurable and concrete.  

Earth Day is being celebrated this week. Digital has a lot to offer in terms of  sustainability.  

Reducing the impact on the environment, trying to understand how Torello can contribute to  make improvements in terms of respect for the environment is one of the foundations of the  company that I like to give my contribution. There are many projects at stake, among them  the GLAP patent and the TrailerCOLD BLUE system that start from a reflection on the  scarcity of resources and their assessment in terms of sustainability.  

Would you still choose this job? 

Yes for my role, yes for the company, yes for the industry. You can find IT anywhere.