Greater room for integrated logistics. Torello at Verona Logistics Park has a lot of square footage.

13 Mar, 2023

With new openings that are in line with the most recent integrated logistics provider profile, Verona Logistics Park’s new logistics center has acquired approximately 40,000 square meters, supporting its expansion goal.

Well, there is room available, but it must be contemporary, well-organized, and well-placed. We keep manning strategic areas with market-accessible catchment areas. Near the A4 exit and not far from the A22, the road that connects Austria and Germany, is one of the final areas bought.

Due to its interdisciplinary and diverse qualities, the warehouse unit with a double load front and a covered area of 40,000 square meters has been selected as a new logistic platform.

Technical details about the warehouse

It is a warehouse ideal for the management of multi-reference loads because of the 40,000 square meters in use, of which 32,800 square meters are designated for dry storage and 5,200 for cool storage. 83 loading bays, 63 of which are for the dry goods and 20 for the fresh, provide a quick and completely safe transit of the goods from the vehicles to the warehouses and vice versa. This optimizes the traffic of the goods in the loading and unloading processes. There are more than 53,000 pallet spots available at the facility.

Security systems

In addition to assessing the greatest storage capacity with excellent performance, we paid close attention to safety, which was ensured by sprinkler-equipped fire prevention systems and a control of the rooms under continuous video monitoring.

The safety of people, property, and access points must be prioritized, and strict adherence to the law must be observed.

A four-handed work for a grear project

We were able to conclude the deal with the help of CBRE‘s real estate advisory services, which supported Kryalos SGR and Barings‘ ownership of the logistics area in its capacity as advisor. “A job of mediation to get us to know the project proposals that would be in line with our demands,” says Umberto Torello.

The housing industry is being revitalized by the need for logistics. The need for locations for complementary logistics-related operations is rapidly increasing. This requirement has specifically driven the quest for high-quality venues in key locations for providers like us who engage in cross-functional interactions with consumers.

The new platform is situated along a strategic route between Verona and Europe in the center of Northern Italy, making it especially suitable for the distribution of the last mile. It is 14.5 kilometers from the A4 Turin-Venice, 23 kilometers from the Brenner Autobahn, 24 kilometers from the Catullo/Verona airport, 100 kilometers from Padua, 130 kilometers from Bologna, and 147 kilometers from Milan.

Keeping track of recorded amounts

We have more than doubled the amount of area devoted to integrated logistics during the past year. Yet, it goes beyond just having enough storage. The facilities are built with the purpose of performing co-packing, packaging, product selection, handling, labeling, and distribution. Space, certainly, but also useful for meeting market demands.

Umberto Torello says, “Our project at Verona Logistics Park is totally in line with our strategy of investing in developments positioned on key logistics routes with catchment areas close to the market. “The deal achieved has met with our complete satisfaction. The ability to store and ship more goods is increased as a result of the space extension, and our services will be delivered more quickly thanks to the logistics platform. Like many of the initiatives we are working on, this one also responds to the market’s new difficulties while paying close attention to the local area “.