Holding hands as the company grows: Antonia Ferrari

25 Mar, 2022

Accompanying someone is a sign of high intelligence. Antonia Ferrari, Key Account Manager, has  been with Torello for 8 years and 6 months and has seen significant growth. Today, he coordinates  corporate sales activities, a role in which he can fully express himself. Antonia, a transversal figure, is  required in the company because she speaks a human language, according to Lodigiana. When we  talk about transversality, there are many rhetorical figures to choose from. Antonia’s transversality is  one that passes through the feeling: she says conscious words, she sees all the possible solutions  before her eyes, and she has ears aimed at change. 

Let’s accompany her to the start of the transformation. 

Torello’s relationship with me. When it was born and how it grew. 

It’s October of 2013, the year of transitions. I arrive in Torello six months later at the northern  landing, when the property in the figure of Umberto decides to open the first branch by renting a  portion of a shed. I had this opportunity right in front of me because I was always working in a  transport company where I was in charge of the domestic market, but I wasn’t satisfied. Torello, on  the other hand, desired a more international tone: “I graduated in languages and have a passion for  foreign countries!” We met, as I said. 

My role evolved over time as I adapted to the needs of the company by following it in its own  development and tried to keep up in this market hunger. Today, I hold an important position, a step  “below” Umberto Torello, with whom I work side by side. I also have frequent interactions with  Concetta and Antonio, who deal with technical issues. 

What I like to emphasize is that I was fortunate enough to have a connection with the entire family.  The Torellos give you everything if you approach them in a certain way, and this reciprocity leaves  me with no doubts. So much so that I continue to receive offers to leave, but the type of relationship  that has been formed, the esteem they have for me, and the freedom I enjoy are values that I do not  consider transferable to another company. 

Torello has three adjectives. 

Flexible. Logistics knows no bounds, so my role and language training are particularly relevant to this  fascinating world. Because of my linguistic and working knowledge, I am able to broaden my topics  with clients. Often, we begin with a simple request that, during the course of the negotiations, can  be expanded by the emergence of new needs that were not previously considered. This means not  limiting yourself to specific topics with businesses: I’ll move you a package, but other speeches may  come out (the invitation to a conference, a green project…). 

Dynamic. Just like me. If the company calls, my answer is a resounding yes! 
Clearly, I can always be present because I have a situation in my personal life that allows me to do so  (her husband also works in Torello, in the administrative department). I’m a wife, but in general, if  we abandon limiting behavior patterns, the results are worth it!

Passionate. It’s an adjective that’s usually used to describe a person, but I see Umberto Torello.  Umberto is a person who is driven by his passion. 
Concetta and Antonio both have a strong desire to succeed in their respective fields, and I see the  same in them. You never get bored here; there is always something to propose, something to do,  and the consideration you are given to do so is undeniable. 
Personally, I offer my full support, even if I am asked questions that are unrelated to my role. Clearly,  projects must continue; I am not envious of my work. 

The position was held. Personal vision and accountability. 

I can learn how much the sector’s choices are characterized by transversality from the location of  the key account manager. Requests for full load, distribution, and logistics-related shuttles are no  longer limited to these services. 
We are realizing that being transversal has only benefits; you can truly find that aspect that allows  you to be more appealing than competitors. 

Torello has a lot of pink shares. How do you go about living it? 

There is always some trepidation when a woman is seated at the negotiating table, but everything is  resolved in the approach. I try to be as professional as possible; it took me a while to assert my  reasons, but with an approach that demonstrates the skills, you can really get to their personal  successes in a calm manner. 

How do you see Torello’s future as a transversal figure? 

When I consider the figures that will be released, as well as those who are already in positions of  authority, I believe that as time goes on, we will require more specialized resources. 
I am witnessing the incorporation of the next generation, which I consider to be very intelligent, into  the company. The Torello want to place their children alongside reference figures, which is a positive  outlook that should not be underestimated, because there is a desire to start them from the bottom  and force them to make a comeback. It is a responsibility to which I am called and will respond.  
Accompanying is an indication of great intelligence; if you have this awareness, it can only benefit  you. There are some familiar realities that failed when the children took over. 
Then I see a lot of room for growth. There are numerous problems by definition, but this is a feature  of the industry, and with the attitude we have demonstrated thus far, we will be able to get by  because we are a guarantee of transportation at the European level. 

What advice would you give to those who are dealing with the company? 

Be inquisitive. It is a field that necessitates humility and a strong desire to succeed; you must be  willing to make mistakes and learn from them. Then you must form a team, which is assigned to you.  There are many small companies within the company, and many trips within this trip, but we must  remember that the name we have under our signature is the same: we must move forward with this  idea.

Would you still accept this position? 

There isn’t even a debate. My work and I are completely mutually beneficial. It is my being; it has  given me so much and continues to give so much to me.