How to deal with Covid-19? Torello workers: serving the community

13 Mar, 2020

The situation is certainly challenging. It’s also worth saying that we have never experienced anything like this but we are doing what is required of us (with the necessary precautions): Continuing with our operations. There is no reason why the work performed by thousands of drivers should not continue, for we care about, and are doing our best to ensure that citizens and businesses are provided with the supplies they need in order to continue leading their life with as little difficulty as possible.

Without the transport operators, the country would come to a standstill

In this climate of uncertainty, it is the transporters who do have not stopped working. We are aware of the extensive scope of our work, and for this reason we are continuing in accordance with the Government’s guidelines. No group meetings are required in order to complete our work: Wearing a protective mask & gloves, using hand sanitizing gel, and respecting the minimum safety distance of 1 m – these are essential in the standards of conduct that we haveput in place.

We are also ensuring our employees are able to make use of smart working solutions, and providing them with licences and holidays where possible, thus minimizing the number of staff in the office.

These are just some of the solutions we have put in place as a vigilant and attentive company, which takes care of the health of its employees and, likewise, its end users and consumers: that is, all of us.

We would like to thank our employees and drivers, who are all facing and dealing with the current situation; people who ensure that the country doesn’t come to a standstill: because, as a logistics company with specific know-how in operating in the cold chain, it is mainly thanks to those operating in this sector that we can guarantee the continuous supply of primary goods for the community.

It is particularly at this time, that we want to show our support for those relying on our services: customers, partners and suppliers. Managing the health and safety of our employees, and respecting rules set out by the Government is important to us, and so we have encouraged, and would encourage, both our employees and readers to stay at home, not only because this is in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Government, but also because it shows respect for social responsibility.

We are working across a number of different departments to ensure that the solutions put forward by the Government to stem the COVID-19 epidemic can integrate with the need to keep the country functioning as best it can: both for your needs and ours.