International Groupage. Torello’s activities in Verona platform

28 Apr, 2021

What conquers the customer is the quality of activitieswhich is dedicated to the goods. Verona is the branch dedicated to the international groupage(headed for Europe) that performs transportactivities, temporary storage and last mile distribution with temperature management in every logistics phase.

Verona platform represents the barycentre of the entire Torello groupage/fruit and vegetable departments.We’re inside the Interporto Quadrante Europa, near a huge fruit and vegetable market, a strategic position that makes it the best meeting point between supply and demand of the field.

Hardware and software: implant features and staff’s skills

Verona’s implantis developed overall on a surface of 2.150 smq –of which 1.600 sqm with temperature controlled cellsand other 500 sqm dedicated to the dry-included a space, specially delimited, dedicated to biological products. Here there are 14 loading bays that make the picking and cross-docking operations really fast, among the activities performed.The platformemploys dedicated staff for the monitoring of the procedures and safety, in possesion of all the certifications needed to perform quantitative and qualitative tests.

From the order to the distribution. All over Europe

Starting from the national transport, we use our warehouses and distribute all over Europe.Today in this warehousethe merch arrives through groupage that we takefrom the customer, then we take it to our logistics plant and after that it is loaded on trucks headed to the destination.
But there’s an important phase in the warehouse, during which it isperformed quality control test, that makes the difference. The services in the warehouse include:

  • Unloading/reloading with internal temperature detection (h24 if requested)
  • Quality control
    • Internal and external product temperature detection
    • Gauges measurements
    • Brix tests
    • Suitability packaging verification
    • Piece storage verification
    • Coloring and toughness in the products requested verification
  • Merch, packaging and platforms storage
  • Platform repalletization with angle and pallet strap (as requested by the customer)
  • Disposal of discarted goods
  • Picking
Customers and goods route

Our typical customer works for big groups, we’re the direct interlocutor.
This is an activity that gives us back high ratings. We started witha customer from Prague for whom we made one full truck per week. Today we deliver 14!There are some areas which have become a fixture and the Eastern Europe, together with Germany, are one of these; but we want to make it clear that we distribute all over Europe, UK included.

We only take care of the outgoing goods. We are ready to accept the import of fruit and vegetables from Europe directed to Italy.

Added value services. The benefits of a partner like Torello

We are a direct interlocutor. That was made possible by a very large fleet, in terms of numbers and varieties of means.
The strenghtness of the fleet implies short deadlines and certainty of delivery times, in additionloading/unloading operations are immediate, because the staff in charge is very fast in transhipments.
Having direct control means having the certainty of being there always: h24, working and non-working days.
Wehave the possibility to “rescue” the load anytime.
The plant is constantly monitored, under video surveillance and with alarms.

Managed pallets and volumes. Capabilities and potentialities of the platform

On the whole, there are from 50 to 60 vehicles entering everyday, for an average of 30 unloaded and 30 reloaded, that means 60 loads handled daily. We’re on 130/150 platform and 300/400 packages per day.
500 pallets in a week, 12.000 in a semester.

“The numbers managed in Verona gives us an idea of the work made in and out but here, what makes the difference, and it’s perceived by the Customer, is not about the quantity but is the attention dedicated even to every single detail. We are talking about sensitive goods and we cannot think about making big numbers with a product that we don’t know. Without thinking about quality we wouldn’t have grown up at this rate”.
Giuseppe Del Regno – Verona International Groupage Manager

In addition to these numbers there are also the activities performed for third parties because besides being a transit point for the the whole Torello net we make groupage activities and transhipments which are an exclusive service of the fleet.

Certification. To guarantee the provided services

Since each good has its control typology and procedure, made by specific machine that validate the integrity of the same, certification guarantees the capabilities of the workers, prepared to place all the controls that preserve the organoleptic and nutritional features of the products.

  • ISO
  • IFS
  • BIO

Currently, the international groupage service mainly manages fifth range products(fruit and vegetables ready for consumption), but the request of different markets is growing so, together with the expansion project of the warehouse, we want to expand the variety of range of products handled even by other classifications.

Torello remains the only referent for all the needs of the supply chain that we know it doesn’t stop. A tireless workflow, made by material resourcesbut above all immaterial resources that gives a soul and a value to all the activities.