Krone honors Torello with a dedicated semi-trailer

1 Apr, 2019

More than 10 years of good partnership between Torello and Krone” was the celebratory phrase that welcomed our delegation led by Antonio Torello to the official delivery, aside of the German company, of a custom semitrailer to honour the Torello-Krone partnership.

The visit to the Krone Cool Liner Factory, in Lubtheen Germany, became an opportunity to strengthen one of our longest and most satisfying collaborations: 400 semi-trailers in 10 years to respond to a range of services with a really offer large refrigeration unit for temperature-controlled road transport (mono fridge temperature, multi-temperature, double level, double multi-temperature level).

Reliability without compromise, Krone has accustomed us to a value that underlies the solid bond with Torello, an exchange of energies that contributes to the development and longevity of the companies themselves.

The special semi-trailer will soon be on the roads: the future becomes an experience, you can’t just promise.

2019 is the year of partnerships

It is the year in which we are collecting the results of focusing on the definition of partnership proved to be even more productive in the long term. And, if it is true that it is the year of partnerships, we will we are preparing, to our best ability, by promising to demonstrate that value lies in experience.
We find it impossible not to carve out a moment of thanks to Krone, especially to the managers: Max Hunfeld and Andreas Voelker.

We looked into the future and saw that we were together.