Logistics made with transport. The interview with the Torello family

20 Apr, 2016

Here it is, has arrived. On the table in the April issue of “Il Giornale della Logistica” with a wonderful interview to Torello family that traces the entire history of the company. Since there was no one with Nicola Torello party from his Irpinia with great determination plotting, always with roots firmly in its own territory, what would come next: a future to give to his children. His three sons precisely, his extended family, employees. “I think I know them all, one by one. Or at least I try, because the bonding that occurs with people is the life force, just knowing the people you can broadcast their “values.

The transport world has undergone great transformations in many years, but this company has been built on a solid “framework” because “whatever a man is dedicated the important thing is to do it by putting people at the center”. From this thought – 50 years ago – and on this basis, can really easy to explain the growth, success and permanence in such a “difficult” sector such as transport which is in a sense to be a mirror of society because It reflects all the changes in consumption and, if you’re not good at spotting the signs and to adapt, you’re bound to estinguerti on this market.

All that comes next is history. Our history.