Mercedes-Benz renews Fuel Duel comparative tests with Torello

28 Apr, 2020

Fuel Duel has certainly covered its share of km, yet its impact on consumption and the environment is the lowest yet recorded, as shown by the data at hand. Mercedes-Benz is renewing the project and we continue to play our role in this comparative programme: fundamentally the same activity as we’ve been doing these last few years, but this time with a new truck.

The Star Fuel Duel comparative test drive programme continues to give us the opportunity to test its efficiency in realistic working conditions with the new Actros, which is equipped with advanced Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) System that delivers up to 3% less fuel consumption on motorways, and up to 5% less fuel consumption on suburban roads, when compared to the previous model. In short, a money-saving truck that is even more energy efficient and improves driving technique.

The partnership with Mercedes-Benz continues with the same assurance as ever, but also demonstrates a capacity to change, renew and reinvent itself in line with the needs of its partners and clients, showing that it maintains a strong constant and open dialogue.

The role of performance has changed.

Choosing qualified partners is not easy. Now more than ever before, you need to factor in a number of variables when presenting yourself to the client, in order to achieve certain business objectives. You’re searching for something more: you’re searching for a service that proves itself capable of going above and beyond the expected level of service.

Our challenge is, and will increasingly be, to integrate performance with a guaranteed level of sustainability: the Fuel. Duel can certainly be considered a suitable vehicle, as it allows fuel consumption to be reduced: this is something which MB proposed to us, precisely because of the approach we have shown towards awareness policies set out in the company’s objectives. A level of awareness of resources and a level of respect towards the things that give us the opportunity to do business today. For us, this means being responsive and proactive about the future and contributing our part in steps being taken towards sustainability.