Mont Blanc Tunnel: resurfacing work imposes traffic stop from 04.09.2023 to 18.12.2023

30 Aug, 2023

From 5 pm on Monday 4 September until 10 pm on Monday 18 December 2023, Mont Blanc will be closed to traffic. More than 60 years after its completion, the motorway tunnel, for many years the longest in the world, is ready for the project to rebuild two sections of the tunnel vault, each 300 metres long, whose roof will be removed to be replaced with more durable and fire-resistant materials that will improve water drainage.

Once again, the Mont-Blanc Tunnel sets another record: it will be among the first major European tunnels to undertake extensive renovation work on its structure. The project is part of the modernisation work that is undoubtedly necessary for the safety of the thousands of people who travel through the tunnel every day, but it could in fact significantly affect the lives of people who work between Italy and France.

Critical closure issues

For this initial phase, which will last 15 weeks (the work will be carried out in several stages), the traffic restriction is a big problem, as the change in the road system is expected to have a major impact on traffic, but we will try to keep the inconvenience to a minimum.

Changes in road system, routes and traffic

During the weeks of closure, around 4,500 extra vehicles per day will be diverted to the Frejus tunnel, doubling the usual traffic flow on the 80 kilometres of the A32 from Turin to Bardonecchia, on which there are currently a large number of construction sites that will be significantly reduced while others will be closed to give priority to work on the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

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