News about ATP certificates thanks to the work of Anita-Transfrigoroute

3 Sep, 2018

The first significant results have already arrived. Thanks to the joint efforts of Anita and Transfrigoroute Italia, the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport has approved an important change to the regulation for ATP certificates, eliminating the differences that limited Italian road haulage companies operating in the cold sector compared to other European States.

A communication that concerns us in a dual aspect, as operators in the sector and today more than ever with Umberto Torello as Pres. Sect. Anita and Transfrigoroute Food Transports Int. Section Italy – This is how an all-Italian anomaly that foresees a limited use of ATP vehicles compared to other countries adhering to the Agreement with an “automatic” declassification of vehicles.

According to the provisions, the circular provides, in addition to the digital computerization of the ATP certificatesthe methods of renewal by experts, reviving a very old legislation.

Umberto, during the electoral speech, had brought to the attention of the members the need to start a process of harmonization of the regulatory fabric between the various European States, with their own rules and procedures, sometimes uneven and not homogeneous especially in the field of renewal ATP.

Certainly it was a goal, shared with Anita and Transfrigoroute, which today travels ahead of our expectations and which has left Umberto and Antonio Torello, fresh from election, the certainty of proceeding in the right direction.