Piacenza. A toast to celebrate the new platform.

20 Apr, 2015

At Piacenza are officially completed its work and, despite the seat was already operational, we still wanted to celebrate the event with an inaugural toast. A toast informal insiders. These are opportunities that allow us to strengthen our brand.

The new home of Piacenza will allow us to better address the challenges ahead. It is a structure built with a functional, home buildings qualified for the different activities. Offices prepared for sorting the various phases of the logistics to transport to the customer.

With the new platform Torello strengthens its roots in Northern Italy focusing on the quality of infrastructure of the offices. Make available the right spaces, handle with that expertise and that experience that makes our name a security to large companies who choose us (and confirm) entrusting such a delicate phase of its activities.

So we want to tackle the world of logistics. To complete an area where logistics is a natural extension of transport. We want to excel. We want our skills come before our name. This remains our priority.

The ability to fit into a productive and provide wide-ranging services in the territory. This is how a modern organizational structure.