Premier transporter: Torello is part of the PremierCarrier list of FourKites

21 Jan, 2020

“A carrier which has been selected from among the greatest in the world.” We have been selected for the Premier Carrier, the list of Premier Carriers – for the fourth quarter of 2019 / European Edition – who have achieved the highest standards of operational excellence because they have provided accurate and real-time data on most loads using the data made available by the FourKites platform. This is essential data that has enabled us to reduce operating costs, maximize use of resources, improve driver productivity and strengthen client relationships.

FourKites Premier Carrier List recognizes the highest performing brokers, couriers and 3PLs

To qualify for the Premier Carrier List, LSPs (Logistics Service Providers) must have completed the onboarding process with FourKites and achieved a minimum tracking consistency of 75% for the previous quarter, from among their clients.

FourKites is a software that gives us access to a large data platform that is working to optimize the global supply chains of leading brands. Through real-time visibility, we are able to take complete control, allowing us to offer reliable, high quality logistics services that exceed customer expectations.