Quality, transparency, efficiency. Torello confirms the IFS Logistics Higher Level

16 Apr, 2018

With the confirmation of the IFS Logistics standard “Higher Level” we put another important piece towards Unique safety standards that offer guarantees throughout supply chains.

IFS Logistics is a key standard in Europe; all the main retailers in Germany, France, Italy and other EU countries require suppliers to be IFS certified with the goal of creating transparency and trust along the supply chains. IFS Logistics Higher Level is a standard developed specifically for storage, distribution, transport: such as loading and unloading activities to optimize the management of food and non-food products.

The aim is to create a common base, internationally recognized through which can be verified the qualitative and hygienic-sanitary performances.

The acquisition of certificates related to the activity represents the seriousness in the way we work and the method of efficiency of an organizational structure that collects every stimulus in continuing a way towards quality.