Raffaele Carratù: when in Torello uniform, I’m an ambassador for Torello

28 Feb, 2020

He’s one of the memorable drivers. A driver who has always demonstrated true loyalty to the Group through adhering to its original values. In this case, loyalty is its own value. Not in any way forced, Feel transport naturally comes up, when asking them some questions; so when we gave them the keys to the new Actros, the following statement was made spontaneously – “in Torello uniform I am no longer Raffaele Carratù, but am instead a Torello ambassador”. Now, how would you interpret that statement? For us, reading between the lines, it hints at how Feel Transport seems to be a source of inspiration to the Torello Group. Today more than ever.

What’s your name?
Raffaele Carratù.

Where are you from?
Castel San Giorgio (SA).

How long have you worked for Torello?
1989/1990 from snc to srl (from when it was a limited partnership to a limited liability company) I’ve been working with
the Torello Group since 1989.

How many kilometres do you think you’ve covered in that time?
I’ve never counted exactly, but I would definitely say more than 3,500,000.

When and how did your passion for this job start?
I started driving during my military service, in the Air Force at Ciampino: I drove fire engines and aircraft refuelling equipment. When I returned home at the end of my military service, I knew Umberto and the Torello family and started working for their company. Right from the beginning, I was treated not just as a driver, but a son, by Nicola, and a brother, by Umberto and Antonio. For me, Torello is a true family.
Nicola passed on values to me that still
represent the Torello style today: respect, good manners, and taking responsibility at work. Fundamental values that we carry with us as representatives of the Torello brand.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited on a trip?
Scotland with its landscapes and France, with the castles of the Loire and Brittany are surely amongst the most
beautiful and fascinating places; the beauty of travelling abroad is encountering the norms, habits and customs of others. All in Torello uniform: when I travel to clients, in Italy or abroad, I am no longer Raffaele Carratù, but instead, an ambassador for Torello.

And what’s the furthest place you’ve been to?
With Torello I’ve travelled all over Europe: the furthest place I’ve travelled to surely has to be Scotland, to deliver generators for a company based in Avellino (Naples).

How has the role of the truck driver changed over time?
Now, we need to adapt an overall vision that’s different to before: new jobs, new places, technology that continues
to become more and more advanced. The biggest change is the updating of vehicles, which are becoming more andmore advanced, providing better and safer transportation. Technology has definitely helped us a lot, roadsideassistance is a big help to us.

An episode and/or a place you remember fondly?
It’s definitely helping people in trouble on the motorway: In particular, I remember seeing a woman on the motorway
who was waving from her car in an attempt to draw attention from cars and trucks in transit: two of her car tires had punctured, and, finding herself alone with two children, did not know how to fix them. I stopped at once and gave her some help. I can’t express how grateful she was. Sometimes it doesn’t take much: it’s a small thing like this which can change your day.

Do you listen to music on your travels? Do you have a favourite type of music and artist?
Of course: my favourite artists are Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and Pino Daniele.

During your travels are there regions or areas that you particularly love, say for the cuisine? Favourite place or food?
To be honest, I love cooking at home. I’m not a huge foodie, and I tend to eat most of my food en route. Tuscany has
to be among my favourite regions. But I’ve always enjoyed combining food with sport. When I can take my (hybrid)bike with me. One weekend I rode all around Lake Iseo.

Have you driven the new Actros yet? What do you think?
It’s my third Mercedes, but this is my first time with the new Actros. I can’t wait.

In the future, technological innovation will be more and more significant in redefining the role of drivers. Yet something that won’t change is the experience of travelling, which is made up of encounters and background music: a microcosm, born on the roads, as vast and significant as the humanity of those travelling at a steady pace. Intelligent and aware individuals are needed to lead us through this transformation in road haulage and logistics. That’s what we’ve got.