Recruiting Days – Torello and the MEMIT Bocconi students

29 May, 2018

Milan – Yesterday, Monday 28th May, joining the usual company presentation at the University

Bocconi – as part of the MEMIT followed by meetings dedicated to the interviews with the students – Davide Morelli – LTL Branch Manager – and Valerio Manzi – Human Resources.

We were three companies participating in the presentation; we come back home bringing us a good 50% of explanatory interviews: out of 40 registered in the Masters, 19 chose to interview Torello.

Intercepting students’ wishes and expectations is an absolute priority

Being able to transform a business presentation into an emotional experience represents the lever with which we choose to present ourselves at events, especially those related to training. Who is part of Torello is the first, most authoritative ambassador, active supporter, first to show that the promises are not disregarded, that they are serious and realistic promises.

To ensure the appropriate skills to future professionals who will be supported by tutors within the various platforms – indicated during the interview – in addition, we integrate to the theoretical part, the comparison with the context in order to acquire those skills operational, that ability to interpret that an only “scholastic” training “cannot “exhaust”. It is an exchange that generates value.

Not by chance, the choice of Torello spokespersons fell on an institutional figure linked to the recruitment of human resources and on a manager who carries out the management of logistics in a strictly operational sense.

We are also among the companies that are planning real growth in Italy and Europe. We have no secrets, we only want to make the participants confident of the Torello proposal, creating a positive climate capable of fueling this exchange of value.