Safety of transported goods? Torello experiments Dow’s TRAFFIDECKTM GO

3 Dec, 2018

The Torello Group has started the experimentation of a new anti-slip resin that is applied to the platform of the curtainsider semitrailers: it is called TRAFFIDECKTM GO and it is owned by Dow.

Always attentive to research and innovation in the field of transport, this time the focus is on the safety of the cargo during the transport of goods.

What is TRAFFIDECKTM GO? Which purpose does it serve?

Usually public transport floors are covered by rubber carpets that perform an anti-slip function making the load more stable. TRAFFIDECKTM GO, on the other hand, is an innovative solution created by Dow: a coating that replaces the classic use of carpets!

With these words, Giuliano Tomassi Marinangeli – Area President Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel and President and CEO of Dow Italy – describes the effectiveness of TRAFFIDECKTM GO: “Dow is proud to offer logistics companies TRAFFIDECK GO Flooring Solutions – an innovative technology for better load safety and greater floor protection. This solution, certified by DEKRA, helps our customers be more efficient in their daily activities of loading and unloading goods “.

Directly applied to the trailer floor, this coating is able to increase the coefficient of friction by improving load stability and, at the same time, protecting the floor from normal damage caused by wear.

With TRAFFIDECKTM GO – without resorting to the use of carpets – the goods do not slip because the coating facilitates the fixing of the load and helps to improve the safety of the goods during their transport.

On October 16th, 17th and 18th, we proceeded to apply TRAFFIDECKTM GO on ten semi-trailers.

Antonio Torello – Chief Transport Officer – expressed great satisfaction with the experimentation carried out: “Safety has always been a fundamental value that drives all our choices. Today, with the use of this innovative resin TRAFFIDECKTM GO from Dow, we are sure to guarantee more and more the safety of the goods transported “.

The result?
The start of a new partnership with Dow – which has always been a leader in the specialty and advanced materials sectors – and an important step forward in the safety and reliability of the goods transported by Torello.