Still space for logistics. In Mozzecane (Verona) a new multireferenced warehouse for Torello

17 Oct, 2022

The new location is another piece of a strong logistics basis that covers an area where demand takes place which accounts goods from different suppliers and/or manufacturing installations”. That’s how Umberto Torello, just elected for the Presidency of ANITA food transport sector, explains the opening of the new warehouse in Mozzecane, in the province of Verona.

Technical features of the warehouse

In the establishment in Mozzecane on a 9000 sqm surface, distribuited on two floors, and a capability of 8000 pallet positions, there are all the goods for both the national market and the ones headed for Europe. The skills of the platform are declined into a range of services that goes from storage to the primary and secondary distribution. Passing to the 9 loading and unloading outlets they will be handled between 7000 and 8000 pallet per month. Of the 9000 sqm totals, 200 of them are reserved for the offices. The rest of the surface is dedicated to the storage of everything that can be found in a big distribution superarket: food and FMCG.

The structure is strongly integrated with the platform managed in the Interporto Quadrante Europa, the most important one in Italy for the traffic volumes. An important advantage point if you consider that less than 20km connect the two logistic implants that, in the first quarter of 2023, will be reinforced into a single platform. This operation will be carried out with the intention of facilitating the organisational aspects of our customers’ logistics chain.

The opening in Mozzecane was designed for guaranteeing a suitable delivery time for fast-moving consumer goods for the traditional and modern channels.

The managed references are led by a variety of customers, so they have different stocking logics, but the structure permits to mix goods with different rotation indices – “Our customers go from the big food industry to the shop in the city. Thanks to the new installation we can deliver more precisely and with a lower enviromental impact”.