Strategies that meet the future – the new campaign

19 Jun, 2017

A truly important yet necessary step, it marks a fundamental stage in our company’s history. “Strategies that meet the future”, published in Il Giornale della Logistica in recent days, is the new campaign that follows the moving strategies rebranding, highlights international character, service-based strategy, and holistic approaches to the client. We have in fact shifted the focus from client approach service from the Family to the Group, without ever renouncing our identity. Because we all need to free ourselves of our origins, while also bringing them forward into the future.

The faces of the third generation of the Torello Family attest to accepting our own history with our sights set on the future. Because such sights cannot avoid the future; because we do not know what the future will hold, but we know who we are and what we can do for the client. Today, a harmonious link between manufacturer and consumer, we design long-term solutions to optimise your logistics supply chain: because I see you in the future and I will create the service you require.

The campaign will join us for nine multi-subject outlays. We have once again been inspired by the centrality of people. Because no matter what technology or new requirement the future brings, people and their values are what move services and determine their success.