The new hybrid vehicles, green vision and innovation. Torello Meets 2018

4 May, 2018

What’s better than the unique opportunity to bring together properties, partners and customers?
A few hours ago, “Torello Meets” has crossed the finish line of its II edition at the Polo Logistico of Piacenza, and it continues revealing a connection that works.

In this occasion, a partnership with FUSO has made its debut, bringing its technology expertise to the Group. This year, a program was proposed dedicated to technological innovation and green vision presenting 10 new FUSO Eco-Hybrid Canter that integrate the fleet, enriching the variety of vehicles and new services.

It was Umberto Torello – Customer and Fleet Manager – who opened the conference introducing the topic. “Well, I believe – and we are proving it – that we must place ourselves on a qualitatively more ambitious level. The crucial point is the moral and corporate responsibility”. At this point it became almost mandatory to greet the partners and the audience, the President Nicola Torello, always a reference.

A fleet expert like Antonio Torello – Fleet Manager and Management Control has started into the merit of technical discourse. “The Torello Group, with the aim of optimizing consumption and emissions, for years has placed its attention on the increasingly innovative and technological development of the product supplied by the partners and the service provided to the customer, choosing to merge with partners like Mercedes-BenzDaimlerFusoCarrierMichelinUnitrans and Dhollandia.
The distribution with Fuso rises from a more completed service. These hybrid transports will be used for distribution even in limited traffic areas, small and large urban centres, to entrust a substantial part of transport to vehicles with low environmental impact.
Different Managers from Mercedes-BenzDaimlerFusoMichelin and Unitrans had intervened for a brief greeting. Safety, innovation and green vision, recognition of common commitment are the main topics touched on in the interventions.
Concetta Torello – Administration and Advertising Manager expresses satisfaction for the excellent level of competitiveness and the background of this event. “An important opportunity for dialogue and a common perspective which are based on the strength of our partnership, creating a favourable climate to exchange, the best guarantee of progress; together with the partners we have built an event that has the necessary prerequisites to endure the time.

Torello Meets, a day in which the Group has taken root in the present to give impetus to the future.
The Torello Family thanks all the participants and, in particular, thanks Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, Fuso, Carrier Italy, Michelin, Unitrans, Dhollandia.