The Warehouse of the Month from Magazzino del Mese is Dronero (CN)

7 Jun, 2018

The Giornale della Logistica is being distributed, and although we gave Dronero the space it deserved on several occasions, we are more aware of the project that has grown on the assumption of making the supply chain of a well-known multinational company more efficient.

Starting from an interview conducted within the same warehouse of Dronero for the in-depth section of the Magazzino del Mese – which allows you to know the most interesting business cases in the industry –
Giornale della Logistica has illustrated in detail how a well-known brand, leaving behind the limits of an activity management burdened by slowdowns that penalized performance, it entrusted the logistics and
management of incoming/outgoing flows in Torello.

The scarce availability of space and the lack of coordination of the activities that affected the various operations have been overcome.

In Dronero, work at full capacity

The advantages reported by the Customer within a few months, thanks to the new and larger warehouse but above all to the technological solutions adopted, produced an optimal exchange of skills.
We thank Giornale della Logistica for the availability and professionalism that has been able to fully describe the project of the opening of Dronero, capturing all the nuances of the careful management that
distinguishes the Torello quality.