TN Logistica – Torello Group’s foreign subsidiaries are unified under a single brand

15 Nov, 2021

Only a few weeks ago, we announced an upgrade to the DIF that broadens its coverage to Food & Beverage, and today we announce a shift in European scope: TN Logistica SK and TN Logistika SK-RO, which oversee logistic flows in Slovakia and Romania, will merge under the brand TN Logistic.

For nearly fifteen years, TN Logistica has been present in Europe through SK. Because of additional integrations on the territory, such as SK-RO in 2013, the activity has expanded out in numerous ways over time. The two companies will merge into a single subject, dubbed TN Logistic, with the goal of creating a single reference provider that works in tandem with the Torello Group’s flows from multiple nations.

What is the purpose of the change?

Create a distinct, powerful, and recognizable brand at the European level. Only the Torello Group can create an inclusive reality that connects people and goods. “Nothing changes for our customers, and nothing changes for our employees.”According to Concetta Torello, Chief Financial Officer, it is an operation that rationalizes the brand’s consolidation. “This step will only benefit partners, but as with all changes, the right timing was required to achieve European-scale growth.”

TN Logistica provides international expertise on a local level.

TN Logistica inherits Torello’s services, values, and entrepreneurial attitude while operating in local realities: international experience and local adaptability.

It will serve to drive customers as well as ride some growing trends, particularly the growing interest in sustainable solutions.

Following the initial coexistence of two distinct but similar brands, we will continue to collaborate to achieve the Torello Group’s ultimate goal: to be present throughout Europe with environmentally friendly and inclusive transportation solutions that go to enrich the territory on which they are born. We invest in projects that benefit the community, and we make decisions to support local development, to which we strive to make a significant contribution. The Torello Group’s values, which are shared by TN Logistica, remain resolute and unbreakable “. will be the official website

TN Logistika SK and TN Logistika SK-RO have been replaced by Customers, employees, and partners can access a single site that is available in all languages of the territories where it operates.