Torello adds 305 Schmitz Cargobull semitrailers to its fleet

29 May, 2019

The fleet does not go unnoticed: 305 new Schmitz Cargobull tilt trailers have been implemented in the Torello fleet. If we take into consideration the total aggregate numbers, between tractors and towed vehicles, we are at the threshold of 3,000 units: over 1,000 heavy vehicles, more than 1,600 trailed – including refrigerator semitrailers, curtainsider trailers and trailers – and over 70 commercial vehicles, including hybrids.

Alongside heavy vehicles for long-distance transport, there are also medium-range distribution vehicles and lighter vehicles for urban freight distribution. Numbers, as always, give an idea of the volume of growth that our transport and logistics supply chain benefits from.

This strong boost of increase in vehicles, which allows us to collaborate with tractionists and carriers, is linked to the variety of services required, type of goods, sales channel, customers; a series of variables that set in motion well-defined solutions and corresponding services through a sustainable offer.

To become part of the Torello fleet, three fundamental indications must be met: excellent performance, customization and eco-sustainability.

Torello-Schmitz Cargobull is dictated by a precise choice: the Schmitz semitrailer is equipped with a modular system to configure the vehicle with a tarpaulin specifically for the field of application, high flexibility in general cargo transport since it can also be adapted for intermodal traffic and, not a small detail, the German manufacturer has won the European Prize 2018 for sustainable transport.

A matter of right choices.