Torello and Emiliana Conserve, a partnership for tomato logistic that is “gold”

20 Sep, 2022

Being in the North Italy provinces where an important part of areas under cultivation are designed to tomato – a total of 13.890 hectares – and to the industrial transformation and italian distribution of semi-finished and packed product and designed for Horeca, small or large distribution means having the possibility to imprint speed and certainty to the italian production sector that should be responsibility of an integrated logistic that is made with criterion and liability.

On this very territory and with the constant idea of supporting the production that we have launched a new establishment in Cortemaggiore (Piacenza), that will take what the society of Parma Emiliana Conserve produces. A structure made of 42.000 square meters of covered area and 54 filling openings, 34.800 square meters uncovered assigned to movement area and 700 square meters of offices. A support that can be seen through Umberto Torello’s words: “The italian canning factories have found in this 2022  the production stability that was lost in 2021 for the lockdown of the previous year. The sauces in particular, between 2020 and 2021, had an increase in the purchase that was never recorded before. Finally we return to a stable production, even if aggravated by increased costs caused by the energetic crisis and production factors. So that’s why the contribution of a responsible logistic is fundamental in order to support the italian production sector. On this basis, over time, we have created relations with international canning factories that look to the enviromental, economic and social sustainability”.

In a perfectly specular direction there’s Gian Mario Bosoni, Emiliana Conserve, that identifies the partnership with Torello as a key factor in achieving success – “The volumes of production in these last 2 months of our society have grown in an important way and the attention to the efficient and integrated management logistic has become a key factor in achieving success. The collaboration with Torello, that already started 3 years ago, is today one of the strongest point for the development of Emiliana Conserve industrial activities and we’re so satisfied both of the new logistic establishment in Cortemaggiore and the expansion plans of our logistic partner”.

Practically, we have overcome 100.000 square meters, only in the province of Piacenza, addressed to the logistic management of the tomato chain. A choice resulted from the need of monitoring key territories for the agri-food production in order to reduce distances among cultivation, production and distribution channels.