Torello at the Rome Gastronomy Festival for a talk show

29 Oct, 2018

“The transport of wine and oil, between excellence, traceability and sustainability” is the title of the talk show held Saturday 27th October in Rome at the Officine Farneto. An interesting dialogue between two seemingly opposing worlds but which, on the other hand, are intimately linked: on the one hand, food and wine, catering, tourism. On the other side, the world of transport and logistics: we were there, invited to represent this world that we know very well.

The talk show organized by Brigata – a blog of the room and not only, took place within the Festival of Gastronomy in Rome, October 27th 30th 2018.

The interventions of Antonio Torello – Chief Transport Officer of the Torello Group and General Councilor ANITA, and Umberto Torello – President of ANITA food transport section and Chief Organization Officer of the Torello Group, alternated with those of the representatives of Valoritalia, Vinarius, OITA Italia, Olitalia and Italscania.

We discussed the methods of transport and logistics of wine and oil, an “ancient” topic: already in Imperial Rome these precious products were transported inside amphorae and sold throughout the Empire with sophisticated logistics that included ports, markets and certifications. And today? The question posed during the meeting was: today how does the transport of wine and oil take place?

We have told our experience as protagonists of the supply chain on small, medium and large distribution. Umberto Torello stressed the need to work with ANITA in order to include products such as oil and wine – the highest expression of Made in Italy – under controlled temperature transport because “who manage the logistics phases have a responsibility towards the producer of the product and the consumer “.

The dialogue also dealt with the methods of protection and conservation of goods during all stages of transport and the guarantees we offer to the recipients of the distribution. In this regard, Antonio Torello explained how specific systems exist to ensure the quality and delivery of products: from satellite systems for transport control to those for the protection of goods.

The safety of goods transported, in fact, is a subject that is deeply dear to us: we guarantee safety and reliability in all phases of transport, from pick-up to delivery of the goods. Participation in this talk show was an opportunity to talk about our forty years of experience as national and international specialists in transport and logistics.