Torello – Enabling the activity of storing organic products

16 May, 2018

Another significant certification that approves the Torello Group’s commitment is offered to us by the world of organic operators, constantly growing thanks to a strong and early awareness of the community towards issues related to healthy and sustainable nutrition. In the context of food development and awareness, we have obtained the certification for the storage of organic products from the SIAN (National Agricultural Information System).

The SIAN is the unified information system of services in the agricultural, agro-food and forestry sector made available by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and the AGEA (Agency for Agricultural Disbursements).

The services of SIAN are available to subjects with different purposes and characteristics, particularly regarding intervention regimes in the various production sectors, whose strengths are unity and interconnection with other institutional information systems. The operators who deal with organic products authorized to SIAN are required to annually present the Annual Preparation Program (PAP), which contains the qualitative description of the productions coming from the preparation.

Just nine months after the acquisition of the Agroqualità certificate, another big step for our company that will contribute to increase commitment and competitiveness.