Torello grows in Emilia Romagna – New store in Faenza for Olitalia logistics

4 Mar, 2021

Customers express their needs, Torello gives shape to their requests. That’s how it works and it is always the best incentive, the most efficient and valid form of patnership. In response to the requests made by Olitalia – leader of food service, present in organised large-scale retailing – it was introduced the project related to the layout of the entire store. In particular, the features have big numbers:

  • 34.000 sqm of logistics area for the storage
  • 70.000 pallet places
  • 18.000 sqm of manoeuvring area
  • 60 loading docks
  • Up to 60 tons for weighing service

With these numbers we will guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations that are made in the store – under the safety, quality and productivity points of view – through the optimal use of available surface and innovations, especially the technological ones. The phases of unloading of vehicles are totally automated thanks to the installation of an handling system through a motorised roller conveyor.
The logistic is also supported by an important integration project between Torello an Olitalia IT systems to make the supply chain clear and shared and guarantee a constant visibility for both patners on stock and handling at store, for a total of 150.000 pallet in and 160.000 pallet out handled annually. From here, our vehicles will depart in order to distribute products all over Europe, serving even the last mile for both modern and traditional channel.

Why Faenza?
“The choice of Faenza (RA) – explain Umberto Torello, COOwas not accidental. Our mission is clear, we want to be the connecting link between the producer and the customer and on this basis we have designed a new solution to make logistic processes of the italian excellence, Olitalia, more efficient, and let its management to focus on the core business”.

Emilia Romagna is an italian region in which we have strong roots, the relationship with the territory is solid; Faenza, in particular, is one of the most productive areas in Romagna and in Italy, close to Forlì, where Olitalia production plant is based.
We return on one of the concept that characterize this Group: optimisation, reducing consumption and minimal environmental impact that make us a flexible and reactive logistic partner.