Torello has been awarded with the Zero Gradi Award

13 Jun, 2019

The fourth edition of the event dedicated to the cold chain – held on June 11th at Villa Jucker in Legnano (MI) – awarded us with the Zero Gradi Award, a new feature of this 2019 edition, dedicated to companies that have distinguished themselves for having developed a commitment to sustainable projects carried out in the temperature-controlled transport chain. Davide Morelli, Branch Manager of the Piacenza branch of distribution (LTL) received the award.

“We are proud of this recognition -Umberto Torello commented- for our company, which has always been at the forefront in the use of tools and is in line with environmental regulations, and because it highlights the great commitment that the Torello Group is making to carry out dialogue in a profitable and continuous way with Institutions, Customers and Partners. The goal is to devote more and more attention to sustainability and innovation, values that companies demand and will continue to seek in the future.”

The assignment was decreed by a jury composed of journalists from the transport and food sector,
opinion leaders, operators and trade associations, which assessed the projects of 5 companies by
category reported by the readers of and Trasportare Oggi in Europe.

The activity of the Torello Group was weighed through 5 evaluation categories: innovation, technology, development of the supply chain economy, economic and social sustainability, and certifications.

This award is also in some way the recognition of the work of Umberto Torello as Pres. Of Transfrigoroute Int. Italian Section, which in September of this year will host the Trasfrigoroute Int. Annual General Meeting in the splendid setting of Naples.

ZERO GRADI is an idea of Tforma, a training project that in 2016, together with Lamberet, has created a format dedicated to the cold chain. The idea is to broaden the scope of involvement, touching not only the world of logistics, but also those sectors that use it, to understand the needs of transport and distribution (even in the last mile) of the food and agri-food products.


Ecco il momento tanto atteso… #ZeroGradiAwards ❄️

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