Torello, one of the transport companies accredited by the English government

29 Jul, 2015

Invest in training, work with human resources to comply with the rules of the host countries always leads to results that, sooner or later, will be recognized by those with whom he comes into contact.

This is what happened last week, to be precise on 20 July 2015. The UK Government has included in the list of transport companies accredited that are part of a plan to reduce the risk of illegal immigrants hiding in vehicles traveling on way.

The Channel Tunnel is repeatedly besieged by attempts of illegal immigrants who try to sneak on board the means. A situation in which we are personally involved. The solutions we adopt to ensure an adequate level of security in our transportation system and the measures that we put in place allow us to protect us from sanctions. And it is what we are recognized.

The list of companies accredited by the Police and the British government is available here.