Torello – The first Italian logistics company to be affiliated with IRU

9 Sep, 2021

The first Italian logistic company to join the international association of road transport is a development that places us in the company of institutions, agencies, and organisms that protect the interests of enterprises in the field of transportation in general.
IRU, founded in 1948, promotes economic growth, prosperity, and security in more than 100 countries around the world through the sustainable mobility of people and goods.
Torello takes care about global issues.

The IRU – International Road Transport Union – membership put us in front of the first commitment on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, in the webinar “The Integration of Migrants as Professional Drivers.”
After receiving the official welcome, Antonio Torello, Chief Technical Officer, and Giuseppe D’Arienzo, Driver Supervisor, analyzed the problem from several angles, the most prominent of which is the long-standing driver shortage.

According to a report by Transport Intelligence, there are 400,000 missing resources in Europe. We must also consider the slowness of bureaucracy, the necessary generational shift, and the lack of young people, which raises the issue of training. All of these factors necessitate financial resources, which must inevitably fall to businesses.
We thank IRU for hosting such a high-level meeting in the presence of key members and figures from the European Parliament, the European Commission, EU Member States, and the road transport industry, and we hope to be able to act on such an important issue as soon as possible with their support.

We can all work together to raise awareness of the importance of an issue that may present an opportunity to be seized immediately for its effective social contribution.
Let us proceed in time.