Torello wins the Cribis Prime Company award

2 Feb, 2017

Reliability, from every perspective, is one of the values on which we have built Torello. This is why, when we won the Cribis Prime Company award, it was a very satisfying moment. A very important reference, which attests to the utmost commercial reliability of our company.

This acknowledgement – based on the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a dynamic, constantly updated indicator of a company’s reliability – awarded to 3% of the 5 million plus Italian companies, confirms membership to a very small circle of companies.

CRIBIS D&B is a CRIF Group company that operates globally in the field of Business Information and collects reports on over 200 million companies in 230 countries, analysing the payment conduct of businesses and their ability to establish a relationship of trust with suppliers.

Our administrative department deals with analysing and assessing, in a timely manner, the ability to fulfil long-term commitments. Data that serves like a thermometer to measure a company’s health status. This remains a fixed priority.