When logistics is volcanic: Rossella Liuccio

24 Jun, 2022

There’s a certain word in English that in Italian hasn’t the same particular nuance: accountability. Who has accountability goes beyond the formalities of a task but gives examples and leads towards a common result. This profile matches with Rossella Liuccio – Operations Coordinator – one of the longest-running resources in Torello.

Rossella has literally built from the ground her job compared to those who enter today as defined figures. Even the company itself, when she was hired, was looking for its asset. The best meetings, sometimes, are the result of waiting and meeting halfway.

The story we want to tell is from another prospective.

The relation with Torello. When it was born and how it has evolved.

I’m from Montoro and I’ve been working for almost 15 years with Torello. I’ve started here because it was near home, I attendend the faculty of languages and, after experiencing in a small shipping company that I really liked, I wanted to try other things. I’ll tell you how it went. I had an informal interview with Umberto, near his house at that time, in front of the workshop. From that moment, how many times I’ve seen that company change! During the second, third year, a very big non-stop growth was triggered. If until that time Torello was seen as a small family company, with the opening of different offices, the Montoro head office, then Senec, Piacenza… which coincide with the opening of a very specific business unit, there was an exponential growth that marked an important change.

I, just like them, hadn’t prejudices because I didn’t even know them, I thought it was totally another job, I didn’t have so many goals. Then I started to know a little more about myself, to believe in myself, in what I could have done, where I could get to and I found out that on the other hand there was a lot of people ready to leave, for me, an open field, opportunities, tools. If I had, for my part, temperament, strenght and desire to do, from their part I received a lot of respect. 

I really like the relationship with Torello because it is based on clarity. They make you understand that if you want to grow you have to be able to take your responsibilities. 

Three adjectives for Torello

Solid. I didn’t see it as a family company, not even an “extended” one. I’ll explain better. Torello for me is a very structured company just like big logistics realities, with the same possibilities and abilities. Neither more nor less.

Humble. I mean in its origin and ways of doing things. Keeping and believing in solid values, despite the growth, gives and inspires trust. I believe that many people follow the company even for this reason, because it can be clarly seen.

Dynamic. Torello has very wide horizons. Here you can do so much but you have to avoid immobility, you don’t have to lean on a routine, you have to be open to new things and put them into practise, not taking anything for granted, Especially maintaining a touch of humility. That’s it, with commitment and humility you can grow. I see these three adjectives deeply related. 

The role played. Responsibility and personal vision. 

I’ve done everything here, starting with apprenticeship. Now I take care of the organization of my department. I do programming, I take care of the planning in export and for few months we’ve started a project of intermodal development that I’m monitoring. Yes, I’ve grown up. From learner to trainer, I’ve understood that it’s me who have to set “relationships”, create timing and rhythms with people who are entrusted to me. Umberto Torello entrusted me the new hires of my office telling me “if they can follow your time they’re good”.

Yes, the timing. We always talk about inclusivity and diversity, do you believe that in some ways being a woman has positively influenced your work timing?

Working in logistics requires so much time and we tend to think that this is a field for men. That’s not true, logistics is a framework to which all can be associated with. Yes, being an organized person – as I think I am – gave me the opportunity to bring together work and private life. They gave me availability and I was put in the best condition to repay the trust. 

From your experience, what advice do you give to the ones who enter in the company?

You need to have the sensitivity to sniff out the change, to understand how far you can go knowing your possibilities. Planning, finding solutions, taking act, that’s my job. I’m sure that results change and come even according to human qualities. A quality over all? Being humble, that doesn’t mean being submissive or always amenable, it means head up and feet on the ground!

Being aware but never presumptuous, because presumption lead to think that we’re essential and if there’s a characteristic that goes in the opposite direction to development is the belief of being essential. 

Will you still choose this job?

I’ll choose this job everyday because it gives me the right energy, it makes me feel alive, recharged and commitments and responsabilities are not a problem, they make me feel proud of myself. And that’s exactly what I expect and what a job has to guarantee.

Decisive both in private and in the professional life.