Bratislava – Together to celebrate 10 years of TN Logistica SK’s achievements

23 Oct, 2017

2007-2017. Here we are, describing a day that began in the early morning of Saturday 21 October, which was attended by many members of the Group, who arrived at Bratislava to attend the official establishment of the new TN Logistica SK site.
The idea of celebrating ten years of TN Logistica SK was conceived a few months ago, when we decided to organise a special event dedicated to all involved. Who knows, maybe we surprised them a little by lining up all the main stages that have marked and highlighted the constant growth of TN Logistica SK in order to show, in black and white, everything we have done. To tell a story that began in 2007.

We have brought with us 30 years of experience and advisory in transport, as well as humility and professionalism. This has been enough since, every year, the number of means and resources in the company has grown, as has the company’s turnover”. This was explained by Umberto Torello, supported during the day by Rocco Loria – Executive Manager, Roman Marcinka – Import/Export Manager and Monika Kotlarčíková – Economic & Human Resources Manager – directly involved in the local management of TN Logistica SK, under the watchful eye of Concetta and Antonio Torello and, especially, that of their father, Nicola. With a careful eye, it certainly will not be overlooked that Nicola Torello has worked at the company like a father. All employees trust in him to run the company like part of one, big family.

His collaboration has been very precious these 10 years! Yet, when we arrived in Slovakia, we were not the first: there were already many Italian companies, many of which come from Northern Italy. We were not discouraged, we simply started our little personal challenge. Ten years ago, day by day, we organised a small, initial core of what would become a major, decisive reality within the Group.

The challenge is all in the making and we are still there, with a new structure and an investment in the territory that excludes no one. We believed in a project and created a structure to give it life, at Senec, a central location for the transport market.
Strategic planning of infrastructures, development in the territory, attention to environmental aspect and transport policy. But, above all, growth of professional and human profiles.

This is the entrepreneurial approach that has characterised our growth over these years, that which designed our strategies that meet the future. Because, what has heavily contributed to the achievement of results over time is the “philosophy” with which our people work. We are a company that makes networking and proactivity the reason of its existence.

We do not wait for better times, we do not wait for unfavourable economic situations to pass, we move so that moving strategies can begin as of now!

Thanks to everyone. You have been actively involved in the development of our company through your dedication and professionalism.
Thanks to our partners, for the numerous projects that have had positive results during these years. Finally, to those who allow us to exist every day. A big thank you to all our customer.
Thanks to all those who have participated. Thank you for your trust.

The Torello Family