Feel transport and Pastificio Di Martino. The Agreement with Torello

27 Aug, 2021

Over a hundred years passing through three generations added to almost half a century and two generations, the achievement is a healthy and collaborative work relationship.

There is a double-bound between companies that have their name on the top of their products and services. Just like us. When Feel Transport was born, we thought that our storytelling should be focused on the emotional and durability relationships between working partners.
Giuseppe Di Martino, Pastificio’s President, has found the best way to tell it, has made his story a productive instrument of communication to create collaborations with clients and partners.

Giuseppe Di Martino is so confident about that. He is right when he says: “ the ability to understand that your supplier will do what it says to do and being capable of working for a long period is the most important thing”

Pastificio Di Martino authentically reflects the story of a family which has tradition, innovation, respect for rules, environmental sustainability, and assurance of ethical relationships as core beliefs. Our behavior code has allowed us to work on important projects, with remarkable companies, and with great people.

Giuseppe Di Martino has brilliantly described the essence of his product – “ On the package of pasta, there is the same name on my passport.”
Pasta is the vehicle to spread the story. Pastificio is the physical space that embraces this story. Di Martino’s family is the perfect link between tradition and innovation boost.

A promise. Pastificio Di Martino lays a confidence pact on the table with Partners. Torello updates the promise made of working for a long period.

Through his words, efficiency is a way of being.