Feel transport. The new ad campaign by Torello Group

31 May, 2019

Being able to surpass or reach in terms of success a previous advertising campaign represent a remarkable legacy which subsequently turns into the true drive to stand our ground and tell even more.
What is the right time to launch a new campaign? Likely when the current one will have carried out its purpose, leaving in turn a sourceful of Meaning.

Famiglia Torello when asked about the 2019 ad campaign have stated: “we want to express the values deriving from two worlds coming together; through a double key to understanding we translate these principles in Feel transport. It is by Feel Transport that our partners have told their histories through that kind of sympathetic transport capable of making them the active subjects in our logistic chain. And such circumstances are to be because if As in the family is about us; Strategies meet the future is still about us; “Feel transport” is going to be about You”.

We like to make sound choiches so, to all who only see a single service (transport), we offer them the chance to get to know more excellent services (logistics) – It is important to optimize the logistic chain. To those who identify us as transport – as we wish for – we give the chance to become an integral part in Torello – Recognition is the most important result.

With Strategies meet the future and even before that with As in the family images and words have told about us. In a sort of continuity with what has been already said we give our testimonial/advocate the chance to let everyone know that the Torello services work best when there is common ground in terms of values; when the values we share become the opportunity for a personal and unique experience from a customer/client perspective and awareness of a good performance for us who are able to get some feedback at the very moment a service is carried through.

The new campaign will focus on a spontaneous statement from the Client-Partner-Supplier rather than our image. Here Feel Transport becomes strong and reliable. It becomes word of mouth.