Green Logistics Expo 2018 – The Torello Group’s balance sheet

9 Mar, 2018

Some hours ago the first Italian convention dedicated to sustainable logistics has concluded. Attending the Green Logistics Expo were present “247 companies from 8 countries, over 50 Between conferences, workshops and with over 250 prestigious speakers “is just to stop at the institutional program. For the Torello Group it was so much more.

It was a meeting of partners, new professionals and getting ideas for new projects.
On the last day, it surprised us to discover that there were some important Institutes visiting the convention. The presence of young students opens and closes the sense of ours Presence at Green Logistics: efficiency and responsibility towards the future, because who realizes goals in the present also creates hope for the future.

We have chosen to be there to communicate our commitment to the environment, a commitment that sees productivity increase without compromising quality. The improvement of the Processes of digitization, the transformation of services in a sustainable key, the HUBs in Strategic points to improve the flow of goods and traffic between platforms, the Combination of road and rail, a state-of-the-art fleet (66% Euro6, 29% Euro5, 5% with particulate filter). Translated into numbers? 18.583.000 kg of C02 not issued in relation to road vehicles until December 2017.

At the end of the Green Logistics Expo we came to a conclusion: we are walking the right road!