His roots and quest for quality are reflected in his own work: Carotenuto, Alfonso Alan

2 Mar, 2022

I was looking for a place to settle down. When we created the Feel transport campaign, we wanted  to talk about the emotionality that comes from phrases like these, thoughts that don’t always  correspond with your life when we talk about work. Quality Manager Alfonso Alan Carotenuto is  one of those people you need to know if you work there.  

A degree in Food Science and Technology qualifies him as Torello’s Quality Control Coordinator, and  two things are clear in his professional path: a before and after that coincides with the start of the  pandemic to act as a watershed. A first of many wonderful experiences in the multinational food  industry. All over Europe. One after that, in Torello, he discovered an ideal dimension of “sharing,”  as he put it. 

He imagined a more human-scale dimension for himself after becoming aware of having developed  skills and experiences in “business” contexts. Because the professional path coexists with personal  life. 

Torello’s relationship with me. When he was born and how he grew. 

We were in the midst of the first lockdown, and I felt compelled to make contact with my personal  life. In a note, I came from a nine-year experience. It is a multinational corporation that has given me  the opportunity to broaden my vision across many industries. 

Each person had to be aware of all the realities around him, while also being aware that his work is  being shifted into a much higher gear. Within this scenario, however, I discovered a winning mental  approach that trained and tempered me as a professional. 

I decided to run for Safety Manager in Torello because I wanted to be closer to my hometown of  Torre del Greco. I saw a way to combine my professional and personal lives. 

The experiences and skills listed on the CV were not decisive; perhaps it was the feeling I got during  the interview, when I found myself in front of a family, at the relational level. There was a more  human, almost equal relationship, which is one of the concepts that is reinforced to us on a daily  basis through the example. A completely different approach than the companies where I previously  worked. 

Torello has three adjectives. 

Involvement. This is a trait that is more closely associated with the Family. 

Umberto, Concetta, and Antonio are the first to roll up their sleeves; they force you to participate  while protecting your shoulders at all times. And this is something I enjoy doing because by being  involved in all of the company’s dynamics, I can feel like I’m a part of the whole. 

Their desire to engage you demonstrates a high level of trust in the professional, because if you are  in a certain role, it is because you have been given a trust that is renewed on a daily basis. It’s a one to-one relationship: they believe, and you believe. And that’s exactly what I need because every time  I interact with a client, I am representing the company.

Elasticity. Each figure can be used without the use of septa separators. Your work is always in  symbiosis, which I see in others as well. 

There are so many factors at work in transportation that the most important feature that I can  consider is elasticity, also known as sensitivity to change. When I think about my role, for example,  there is an evolution in food safety, and here at Torello, I found the best way to express it given its  flat structure, and by flat structure, I don’t mean an unstructured company, but a company where  there is direct contact with the property. What does this mean in practice? If you have a problem or  a project, you can propose and evaluate it right away because there is less time to wait for approval.  There is a reaction. Better, I dare to say, proactivity. 

Pride. First and foremost, they wish to remain in Montoro, on their own turf. But you can see it  everywhere, especially in the desire to always create something unique, such as our business card. 

It begins with the assumption that if we customize, if we can build something that will leave our  mark, something that will reflect more of the Torello personality, we will be able to leave our mark. 

It’s the only way to go a little bit further and meet the change. 

The beauty is that change occurs as a result of maintaining family unity as you grow. It was not  difficult for me to understand that the Family remains steadfast in its values, and what it looks for in  the people who are a part of the Torello project is that these values are not lost by losing what has  made the company great. This is the only aspect on which they are unwilling to “bargain.” 

The position was held. Personal vision and accountability. 

The goal of any discussion about food safety is to establish boundaries. That is not the case; it is not  simply enforcement! What I’m trying to say is that food safety is not a constraint, but rather an  added value that we can provide to the product and thus to the customer. We can manage to  respect both the rules and the customer’s relationship. 

One of the roles I’m expanding focuses on the close relationship, or correlation, that exists between  the quality team, the sales department, and the tender unit. We are the second point of contact  with the customer after sales. However, this is insufficient. I have a strong sense of responsibility, so  I want to hear directly from the client. In this regard, I cannot fail to exercise proactivity, which leads  me to consider the customer’s need as an incentive to always find the best solution. I’m  collaborating with others to involve as many people as possible in various functions, so that everyone can maximize the effectiveness of their work. 

It’s a bit like coffee, you have to find the right blend to get the best flavor.  

Would you still accept this position? 

Yes, 100 more times, and the last two years have only reinforced this notion. Torello has encouraged me to continue on this path where, with repetition, growth gains nothing.