In the chair at Bocconi University

12 May, 2015

To understand and manage the system of transport, logistics and infrastructure need to eyewitness accounts by those who the company “make it and live it.”

This was the brilliant idea of ​​MEMIT – Master’s degree in Economics and Management of Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure – Milan’s Bocconi University that develops direct contact with managers, company testimonials, institutions and professionals. We have been called in to chair this prestigious university that we wanted to tell our company, where we started and where we are, reaching consolidated business results both management and accounting.

Manager, management, business can and should make their contribution to the training of professionals with specialized skills and cross-sector: it is essential to provide students with the know-how and collaborate with the world of production.

The curriculum in question is characterized by an approach in which the theoretical knowledge are complemented by case studies, testimonials, guided tours and experiences in the field, with a proper balance between theory and practice. Academics supported by an established network of company testimonials from the most important companies in the sector that has honored the invitation to be part of this network with our company.torello-trasporti-bocconi