Study trip to China for the Torello Group

17 May, 2018

Antonio Torello, Fleet Manager and Management Control of the Group, is about to finish this trip. On May 12th, Antonio left Milan Malpensa with a group of 22 entrepreneurs, accompanied by ANITA, with whom we are associated, for a study trip that is taking place in China, a perfect place to touch the latest innovations in the world of transport, logistics and distribution.

The study trip has seen Antonio move from city to city to take part in important events: first of all, Shanghai for a technical visit to the port which, with over 37 million TEU handled, is considered the 1st port in the world in container traffic. Later in Hangzhou, for a technical visit to the Alibaba Company, an e-commerce giant that makes China a reference point in terms of innovation. Then, again in Shanghai, he participated in both the Transport and Logistics Fair and the visit to the Logistic and Logistic Warehouse.

The journey, which is still ongoing, will continue tomorrow, May 18th, to Shenzhen with a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce and will conclude Saturday with a visit to the city of Hong Kong. Expected return: Sunday, May 20th.
China, with its millennial history, in recent decades has experienced rapid development to become a world power in research and innovation.

The study tour of the ANITA delegation, in which Antonio took part, represents a precious opportunity to increase their training, to strengthen ties and to establish new commercial and entrepreneurial relationships.