The 2019 Annual General Meeting brought together the entire cold chain in Italy

1 Oct, 2019

Many topics on the negotiating table and a totally open debate. The 64th Annual General Meeting of Transfrigoroute International in the public assembly of Friday, 27 September 2019 “Embracing new trends to drive the extra-mile”, brought to Naples – Castel dell’Ovo – transporters, manufacturers, fitters and decision-makers of the cold chain throughout Europe.

All of them have valid observations, all of them are undisputed protagonists of a sector that, in our country, assumes a special centrality. President Umberto Torello, who represents both associations – ANITA, in Italy, which interacts directly with Transfrigoroute International, played an important role in the meeting – “I would like my words of welcome to be understood as a message of closeness, of invitation to cooperation, in proposals on a large scale. I have confidence in this board of directors, which is doing an enormous job. In addition, compared to the past, we already have the most innovative technologies available to carry out a decisive change of direction. I am confident.”

Along the cold chain, passing through the subjects involved, attention was focused on a sector that requires to be placed firmly at the centre of Italian and EU policies and to consider all partners because the guarantee of product quality is at stake.

To consider our colleagues in the refrigeration industry as partners is to trust that we can help each other maximise performance. In our part of the chain we do it with the utmost commitment and responsibility, knowing that the health of the final consumer is at the centre.
Good luck to all in your work!