The ANITA Association is being updated: Umberto and Antonio Torello confirmed in the Executive Board

19 Oct, 2020

On the 9th to the 10th of October 2020 – at the Conference Centre in the Royal Continental Hotel in Naples – the General Assembly of the ANITA Association met for the re-allocation of positions within the Executive Board, which led to the re-election of Umberto Torello as President in the branch specialising in Food Transport/Transfrigoroute Italy, and Antonio Torello as the General Councillor for ANITA for the next two years 2020/2022.

For the second consecutive term, the Torello family is bringing all their hard-earned experience to the Board, to continue the drive of recent years, stressing the need for a renewed commitment from everyone to address the many issues this industry faces. Issues to do with energy, digitisation and simplification, and the right to mobility of goods, as well as the free movement of people: the technical committee have put together the main points on the agenda as guidance for staff in this delicate time.

I consider my place in the ANITA Executive Board as an important acknowledgement. Because of the strategic role ANITA plays in Italy and Europe, with over 1,700 associated and active companies here in Italy, we are an important means of support for the entire supply chain. A supply chain where carriers play a fundamental role because they contribute to the overall development of the national economic system”. Antonio Torello, who has always had a close understanding with road hauliers, reiterated that: “They must be given a larger zone to move around that in that extends European wide.

Umberto Torello expresses the same opinion, whose Presidency in the Branch Specialising in Food Transport concurs with his role as President of Transfrigoroute Italia. “We are going through a phase of crucial importance and ANITA, with the role it plays in national strategies, is the spokesman of an entire sector which, in order to have a positive impact in defining transport policies, cannot disregard a coherent and uniform regulatory framework that aligns the Italian road haulage sector with the European one”.

We wish all those involved, along with the businesses who are striving for the entrepreneurial, cultural and competitive growth of Italian transport companies, the very best of luck.