The Torello Group at Transfrigoroute International. Controlled temperature transport is the protagonist.

4 Jun, 2018

May 31 – June 1. Among the companies of large refrigerated fleets arriving in Paris for the annual meeting of Transfrigoroute International “The challenges and opportunities of digitization for the temperature-
controlled supply chain“, we were also there.

Transfrigoroute International is the institution specialized in temperature controlled road transport that brings together operators, manufacturers, vehicles and cold set-up companies involved in temperature-controlled logistics and food transport. An appointment for those who, like us, deal with refrigerated transport at various levels of the food industry chain.

The large volumes handled for the food sector and, in general for temperature controlled transport, make sure that were always increasingly throughout the supply chain; nowadays, in addition to supplying large retailers, we also manage door-to-door deliveries with types of vehicles that use probes to monitor real-time temperatures and reports with the temperature history of the route, including the possibility of real-time alarms at the exceeding the minimum and maximum thresholds allowed.

To complement the services that each actor in the supply chain deals with, Transfrigoroute offers ideas to improve the logistics of the cold chain and encourage technical progress, in particular in relation to environmental protection, food hygiene, road safety and safety economic efficiency. All of this is to guarantee that the companies that transport perishable goods, that have the delicate task of ensuring the healthiness of the products, are able to do it until the product arrives to the consumer.