Torello and the new international temperature-controlled groupage service to Germany share benefits.

9 Nov, 2022

Part of the Interporto Europe Quadrant’s branch Veronese the new direct line towards Munich for the distribution in Germany of products to +4/5 has C with detail reference to the vegetable-fruit.

The service entails grouping or consolidating small consignments from various senders into a single load for distribution to various recipients. It is one of the most demanding requests for a logistics operator, and the product must meet the expectations. “We decided to strengthen the most in-demand sectors in order to encourage the matching of supply and demand. When there is a high demand, we respond with an offer that is at least on the same level “– Umberto Torello comments. 

This is how it works

The cargo sections are consolidated near the Interporto Europe Quadrant branch and then depart for a transit point to Munich, where they arrive in AxA.
It is easy to imagine the huge benefit for the transport of heat sensitive goods that has the maximum speed in the AxA mode: the goods are ordered and arrive in Germany the same day. The load is then divided and relaunched for distribution to its German destination, which has the highest AxC.

The Verona branch, which is fully equipped for food and beverage management with HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, IFS Logistics, and BIO, offers a variety of value-added solutions such as product quality control, re-bundling, reverse logistics, and much more. It is also a component of the DIF – Italian Food Distribution network, which facilitates temperature-controlled groupage services. 

The establishment of new distribution lines is a critical component in chasing the changes in the scenario and entering the heart of European commodity flows. The direct service to Germany complements existing services to the Italian domestic market as well as other foreign destinations such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Benelux, Slovakia, and Austria.