Torello-Bocconi, a concrete training offer

18 May, 2016

Today we are in Milan, for the annual presentation of our company’s Bocconi University, which gave us even a chance to participate in a stimulating dialogue with students through a stage of talks aimed at evaluation of the analysis of the path and training. An important opportunity for direct knowledge and career opportunities for students.

The deep knowledge of the market has made us become a full member in the network of companies Bocconi partner – within the MEMIT Master, Master in Economics and management transport, logistics and infrastructure – which includes the main operators in the sector, with the aim of Bringing together students and companies through the creation of opportunities that can become concrete proposals. Students have in fact the opportunity to get in touch with many companies through the internship program, the strength of the formation of MEMIT path.

The MEMIT form specialized professionals with managerial skills required for the planning and management of activities in the field of transport, logistics and infrastructure. Not only a path of education – more than 90% of students find jobs in the few months of the end – but an accelerator of professional and personal growth, in the transition from the studio to the world of work.


Concetta Rosa Torello – Administration & Advertising Manager – e Antonia Ferrari – Sales & Business Development – in una fase dei colloqui con gli studenti.