Torello Group takes a double position in the ANITA board

29 Jun, 2018

And it’s true: Antonio Torello has been elected General Councilor ANITA and Umberto Torello President of the Food Transportation Specialization Section. Umberto’s appointment coincides with the election to the Presidency of Transfrigoroute Italia.

The elections come as a result of two intense days in Palermo – June 15th and 16th- on occasion of the annual ANITA Assembly dedicated to members and a wide range of entrepreneurs, guests and institutional and political personalities.

The Convention was divided into a day dedicated exclusively to members, in which the governing bodies of the Association were elected, and an open day where there was a comparison between industry and the transport and logistics sector where various representatives of the industry, and some government bodies, intervened. One of them was the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Danilo Toninelli, with a video message.

It was during the private Convention the voting took place for the election of the members of the General Council of the Association and the Presidents of the 9 Sections of Specialization.
During the Convention, President Baumgartner also presented the results achieved by the Association.

Torello Brothers have already welcomed their respective positions with honor and a sense of great responsibility. The elections are an indirect recognition of the work that takes place in one’s own company, in an increasingly complex and internationalized market context. Umberto and Antonio thus entered the right to be part of the General Council for the two-year period during 2018-2020, ensuring their commitment through a strong technical and proactive contribution in the working groups.