Torello safeguards and protects itself with the Legality Rating

3 Jul, 2019

One of the ways to demonstrate respect for legislation and become a company of corporate excellence that can then attract investors and fuel economic development, is by receiving the Legality Rating.
We applied to the Competition and Markets Authority responsible for assigning this Rating, and obtained it, resulting in us being included in the National List of companies who have achieved this.

Ethics, development, but above all, legality.
The Legality Rating is a certification that was created in 2012 with the aim of promoting ethical principles in business conduct and preventing illegal business conduct.
The main advantage of the Rating is public funding and, in general, easier access to bank loans, with more favourable elements in tenders and calls for tenders.

There is a strong link between the values we stand by and what we do. A definite link.
And, as the latest awards show, we are moving towards a strong corporate policy to demonstrate this, with tools able to prove the “extent of legality”. For us, certifying, aligning and guaranteeing, means guaranteeing increased checks and controls to our consumers, setting an example of good practice and respect for the rules.

Companies are organisations that operate in open environments, working with public administrations, institutions and stakeholders. Cultivating relationships founded on ethical conduct ensures economic results, but most of all, honest results.