Torello, Topco and ARS Logica – Updates from Bologna

13 Jun, 2017

The purchase commitment with Topco and ARS Logica has become official; this will lead to the definitive acquisition of the Emilian company within the next few months, the process goes on in small steps to acquire all the necessary knowledge on the company.

The first visits were made, intensifying these past few weeks, and the first contacts were initiated. The actions that will be taken call for an exchange of skills with people already working in the company (we maintain our firm commitment to guarantee continuity of service to customers, collaborators and suppliers).

The transaction has significant strategic value it since it allows us to consolidate our presence in the distribution and logistics sector in the Emilian region, confirming the numerous points for the regional distribution service, and to increase our logistical surface adding 20,000 sqm – of which 1000 at 0-4°C, 3000 at 10°-20°, 12,000 to store perishable products, detergents and food.

“Regardless of what may happen in the next few weeks, in the next few months we must work cohesively, involving all players and parties concerned.” – in the words of Umberto Torello who, together with his siblings Concetta and Antonio, spoke very highly of the Emilian company – “We nurture a deep respect for the Company, a leader in the transportation sector since 1988. We immediately understood our businesses were based on the same principles of honesty, trust and customer-orientation. Topco and ARS Logica were instituted with those same values.”

With this important project today, we increase our presence in the logistical supply chain, with B2B services comprehensively covering a large portion of the Italian regions. But there is still a lot to do and we will do it.