Company Specializing in Transportation Services and Logistics - TN Torello

Specialized in transport and logistics services

Torello, a historical company of Montoro (AV), founded in 1975, operates in the field of road transport and logistical services. One of the company’s strengths is that it is mainly family-run, and has successfully established itself in the national and international market over the years.

One man made all this possible when he began an adventure that, with pleasure and pride, we bring throughout Europe every day.

— Umberto Torello

The family element of the company remains one of its strengths. Starting from the domestic market, it has successfully established itself in the international field. Large manufacturing companies and national and international distribution chains have chosen Torello as their preferred carrier.

The group’s union, availability, commitment and serious and efficient approach are shared values.

The Eight Pillars philosophy

Forms the “foundations” of the Torello project: to operate in the perspective of the Supply Chain Management, that is, involving the whole network of companies in the processes and operations that produce value for the end consumer.

Market areas served

  • 71% International
  • 29% National

Strategies that see the future

The campaign follows the moving strategies rebranding by highlighting the international nature of the company, the strategy behind the services and the holistic approach to the client experience. We have shifted the focus from service to client approach, from Family to Group, without ever giving up our identity. No matter what technology, what new needs will arise in the future, it is people and their values that drive the services and determine their success.

The Board