Fresh logistics 0/+4°C - TN Torello

Total control of the supply chain
at controlled temperature

Our flagship is the food supply chain, and in general of temperature-controlled products (0/+4°C). It is an area that has accustomed us to large numbers, but above all it is an area in which we have a very thorough knowledge.

As a link between producer and consumer, we guarantee complete coverage of fresh logistics (0/+4°C) exercising total control along the entire supply chain, in compliance with legislation related to the protection of food products.
We are aware that we handle products that arrive on the tables of consumers, therefore the management of fresh products takes place in environments and logistic platfo

Logistics area

In order to comply with the provisions relating to the cold chain, logistics play an important role in the organization of storage sites.

+ 7.300
sqm of cold storage warehouses

IFS Logistics Higher Level

Our Piacenza warehouse is aligned with IFS Logistics Higher Level standards, developed to create transparency and trust along the supply chain and optimise the management of food and non-food products.

Health and safety

Enable storage of organic products
We are authorised to store organic products by SIAN (National Agricultural Information System)..

Agroqualità certifies Torello
We are certified by Agroqualità for the storage and handling of organic goods.

The maintenance of the cold chain for products at controlled temperature (0/+4°C) involves all those involved in any stage of the supply chain: from the means that collect the products, to storage and preparation in multi-temperature warehouses, to vehicles that deliver them.

The right temperature

The right temperature Food stored at low temperature is divided into two categories: fresh products (with a refrigeration interval of 0/+4°C) and frozen products (from -18°C) .
The products, from the place of collection to that of delivery, must remain within a certain thermal range, to guarantee their integrity.

Transportation phase

Our vehicles, equipped with temperature detection and recording systems, comply with the European ATP (Accord Transport Perissable) regulation which defines the characteristics of the vehicles and the operating temperature expected for the type of product transported.

Temperature controlled storage and cross-docking

The warehouses located in the branches welcome the incoming movements of fresh products destined for the GD, GDO and other commercial channels. An offer supported by a network of branches and a single large fresh hub within the Le Mose Logistic Centre in Piacenza, of particular interest for its location, where we create logistic integrated and logistics services.

For products, mainly food, at controlled temperature we offer storage services or we take care of cross-docking operations for a quick release on the market: the goods arrive in our warehouses from one or more destinations – the vehicle comes to a standstill – is unloaded and reloaded directly – in order not to interrupt the cold chain – on other means directed to end customers. A streamlined logistics solution that minimises the storage and handling of goods, protecting their main characteristics and quality.

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